Friday, January 13, 2017

GCRCD 2017 Sliders S13 #1 GOLD MEMBER


.RSG. Design works is my creative brand where my initials (RSG) also defining the Resonant Simple Graphics philosophy   

As with any concept, I usually start with some key body lines that can define and accentuate. In this case the rear C pilar, door line and taillight were chosen.

If you follow through and stick to the concept the result is quite accurate. 

Always wanting a flexible image to last a full year. The inner set was always a part of the build.

Which can easily change the feel of the machine in a few seconds.

Target Spec for the Silvia is a recent D1SL machine. About 550hp

In RC Terms

D-Like BN Sports S13 Silvia
Pandora RC Inner Set
Yokomo Oil Cooler
SRP - Super Real Parts Door Handle
D'Magic Light Buckets
RC Art Bonnet Vent
RC Art Splitter Set
Yokomo 275 Mark X Mirror
Yokomo 275 Mark X Wing Blade
Yokomo Muffler
Yokomo YD-2 Diffuser
.RSG. Design GCRCD Sliders Mask and Sticker Set
.RSG. Design Roll Cage
.RSG. Design Number Plate
Drift Line Wing Stay
MST Brake Disk and Caliper
MST RID Wheels +8 Front, +1mm Spacer Rear

.RSG. Design DRB-REW rear wheel drive weight shift conversion + Upgrades

WWF Driver Figures

Perhaps this one can double on track as RIDE height is very BN Sports inspired. i.e. LOW!

The rear of my S13 will remain bumper-less even though I have a bumper modified to fit. 

I'm very happy how my S13 has turned out.

Expect a few features in the coming weeks as more are completed with different colouring.

Tomorrow... Shakedown...

I expect some tyre-to-frame rubbing so I'll need to bring a 1/10 size virtual sledge hammer.

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