Monday, February 13, 2017

DP - REX - Weight Shift Xtreme

Weight shift and increasing chassis roll is now a big part of RC and Real drift at the highest level.  There's more than one way to do anything.

About 4 years ago... this Active Hobby Link suspension was a sort after item. Along with a roll mod front suspension, I'm able to generate this kind of chassis roll.  It's definitely time to bring it back.

The chassis does balance flat, but It's so easy to change the balance. throttle and steering input should be able to have this leaning and bucking down to near the limit of suspension travel.

Clearance is tight. the GSX-R upper deck only needed minor surgery.

I'm trying to get somewhere scale on our super low grip surface.

I'll be raising the ride height of the body so I can watch the roll effect.

Check the real stuff.

Mad Mike from last year... 1065hp max grip
Yasuyuki Kazama here first time LHD 2:10 grab the stock MX5. 165hp and no grip

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