Saturday, February 4, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 04 Competition Series



This was ... GCRCD 2017 Drift Comp Series Round 1.

Late afternoon start saw the guys testing which chassis would be used. 

Some team machines...

I had some good fun practicing with the pink twins... 

We have a two lap drift line. One Lap is wide with angle

The second Lap is speed and Braking. We have all the elements. 

MY DRB-REW is on rails.

But i wanted to try my new DP in competition.

There were some great runs in qualifying. 

All Runners looking good.

Style, Angle. and more.

A bit more practice...

Practice the comp line.

Everyone primed for action...

First battle. Super tight.

Minor errors the difference.

The next battle seemed like a 180sx win was coming...

But a spin can end your night early. 

CS RWD is always difficult.

Close battle this one.

 This battle was looking awesome... First run was very close.

With good proximity.

Filling the background.

And the second run was great until just after this entry. A 180sx spin sending the JZX through.

 Purple battles...

It was the RX7 prevailing.

I'd made it through some previous rounds....

But You can't relax, Every battle takes only one mistake to separate the winner.  

My yellow 86 meeting the Pink JZX in the final after one more time in both semi finals.

Minor errors the only difference the whole night.

GCRCD celebrating drift.

Post event party...

saw a lot of antics.

A lot of hard battles.

These $10 Altezza Bodies are awesome for fun smash up battles.

This is Style.



All the elements of drift were definitely on display tonight.

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