Tuesday, February 28, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 28 - Sky the Line

A last minute call for Skylines turned out these + one more.

Mixing up the show...

These guys were on fire... Reminded me of 12 months ago when these machines were training hard... BUT... the level these days is so much higher so we are also pushing so much harder.

Deep entries, Constant radius.  At the moment, I am still calling the line each lap, but that is 100% OK. Communication is great.

We are picking up skills all over. 

Everyone getting in the zone.

On a busy track... Just jump in there...

Tonight the 7 Skylines were the stars... in this group we have

D-Like RE-R
Drift Line DL-01 x 2
YD-2 SPl Made...

By he way... its time to reveal the talent pool... 

Stay tuned for driver and chassis features aver the next few weeks.

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