Friday, February 24, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 25 - Battle Fest.

One of my favourite shots this year...  

A great morning @ GCRCD.

Today's lineup saw regulars and visitors on track.

No matter what drift even you visit, you can't avoid the S-Chassis.

So many flavours

Colour change the easy way.

While there was some 86 action today... 

The Silvia's were the stars.

CS and RWD

Cranking the CS angle.

Like a Lure, accelerating at this angle is something only a 4WD can do.

I have to remember... don't be lured by the CS angle  

It can get a RWD driver into a spin... 

Some Aussie street style Right here.. JJ&J on fire.

Bunny Ears? or Bunny flaps?

 GCRCD Dark Master

In different fender mode... there is a lot of body debris at GCRCD these days as magnetic bumpers and fenders disappear.

Newest Sliders Livery is the "Cefy". At least it has the same SR20 engine...

Over the hump! Everyone is getting closer to the edges these days. FXX on the money.

Gloss black and graffiti reflection... Nice.

 Theres three similar colours in play here. The camera doesn't agree.

Figures are almost mandatory. High 5 all round.

After a few hours... my eyes are usually like this...


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