Friday, February 17, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 17 Bulls and Battles.


& Battles.

It was an end of week blowout.

But these days, even when everyone is tired... 

If the right vibe is there, the quality comes out.

If you have been away for a while, it doesn't take long to get back in action.

And action there was plenty.

When you pick up the camera for 2 minutes and you get screen fulls of cool. It's good.

New Rims...

 New passengers.

GCRCD S13 Project still awaits the completion of many in the build.

I was able to enlist a photographer. The owner of the green highlighted beast on camera.

Green is Yokomo based - FULL Overdose Black alloy and SSG carbon tuned Drift Package. 

Gold is my Yokomo Based Overdose Tuned Polished Silver Alloy SSG Carbon .RSG. DRB-REW 

Performance is dependent on driving style.

These days, the way you drive a RWD RC drift machine has much more effect on speed and handling than the car setup itself.

Cranking a bigger angle, 

Or building higher speeds in straighter lines are as much about being a flexible "driver" than adjusting the car. 

Matching your opponents line and angle is the ultimate goal. 

Even if that line is one tyre on the dirt.

Rocket Bunny V2 86 battles...

Strongly contested.

Controlled entries are just part of a regular lap.

Proximity is usually like this.

Everyone blasting out the week in style...

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