Tuesday, February 21, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 21 - Proximity Plus

Everyone knows my driving style is super aggressive. I sometimes get caught up in the heat of it all...

I am happy to say that the GCRCD regulars are really lifting their levels.

When I actually settle down and focus on one thing... I think I can be quite accurate and get into the perfect position...

Tonight's lesson was ... 

Chase car's front tyre targeting the lead car's rear tyre.

This is great for drift trains (mattari) as it helps keep the proximity while staying relatively mistake free.

You can run this close all night long. Lap after lap.

A little brake to close the proximity... but if you run this close, it's great for battle, but three of 4 car car trains can't adjust to small errors.

Is that drink machine still broken!!!

With CS cars ruinning huge angle, It's always fun trying to match 90 degrees on entry, even if you can't match the constant angle with RWD. 

Han Solo Filling up the Hachi.

Some awesome progress from the youth...! awesome laps!

A bit of skyline action tonight.

A battle fest.

EC-R32 vs BN-R32 

Speed before Slide.

Deep initiation.

Formula D Style means you have to opt out early....

When the apex is coming in fast...

Awesome action @ GCRCD

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