Saturday, February 18, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 18 Team Battle Training

Group Individuality.

The RWD runners at GCRCD have embraced the team drifting.

The initial plan for the Silvia's were all the same, but the colours and individual flavours are making them even more interesting.

 Fluro colours, glitter, fades and colour mix is all coming out. 

The token Supra is on fire! the deep Miesters looking super cool!

Even some well used machines have been re-engineered with the new sticker sets and the same removable panels.

You will need more than two hands to count all the differences.

Pandora Origin S13 front Vs the D-Like BN Sports Version is a difference that's easily visible.  

I'm not an S13 real car owner so to me, i'm unsure of the scale accuracy. Either body probably has it's unique traits that S13 owners love or hate. 

Line up against the Yokomo and you get another view of a taller larger S13.

The D-Like sits somewhere between.

And this Silvia S Supvia S Supria S Supra... Ahh well, S is ok. 

180SX is not to far out of place.

All looked great circulating as we practiced the next competition line.

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