Friday, February 10, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 11 = Slow Pace Saturday.

Bright and Early... 

Saturday Started on a super hot weekend.

The cars flashed through this part of the track with the sun warming the warehouse to boiling point.

So there was a lot of backlight.

But that can create some unique shots.

Lunch boxes are typically square...

There was a lot of play time.

39 in Japanese is San-Kyu = Thank You! This is a "cool" number in Japan.

A little tuning on this sakura. The curved slide rack and adjustable knuckles are interesting.

Prince Skyline + "Okamoto" emblems are classic... I'll let you follow the link to find the meaning of the OK.

Fly by.

Slow old school fun!

and D1SL tune today... Fun times.

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