Tuesday, February 7, 2017

GCRCD 2017 02 07 Training and Battle.

Training can be fun.

A small group so we did some serious train... training that was focusing on line and braking.

While that tutorial was underway, I didn't take any pics.... But the S`13's and Supra were looking soooo goood.

Ive been lending out the 2nd twin Altezza and this time it was installed on another DRB-REW for a super twin battle.

I also loaned out my DRB-REW (pink wheels) to get some pics.

the guys were on the ball. having fun.

Some nice angles and the colors look great.

Chuck it in!


 Even these $10 bodyshells can look good.

This was a 3 way 360 Entry heading away from the camera... hard to capture in a photo.

Some hard battles and fun times.

See you on track. 


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