Thursday, November 15, 2012

History 1985!

Recently I found some old photographs from 1985. Blows my mind.

I used to assemble buggies for customers in my father's business. "Brian's Hobby Centre"

Frogs and Hot-Shots were the main targets. (My awesome Yokomo Dog-fighter in the background )
Heavy machine, no runtime, but FAST!

This team associated RC-10 was pretty cool. Check that anododising!

That speed control! OMG! primitive!

 I guess it was good. I can't really remember.

But this was good. And fast! RC-12E with ToJ body! Black-Dye wheels, Reedy power!

A very good thing.

This is it later in stock trim with Yokomo 05R Stock Class motor and KOPROPO ESC. One of the first!

But yes, That's My name. Russell Gander. The year 1985. Australian Junior Champion. I was only 14.

 Frewer C-One body. Reedy Power,  Futaba Magnum Junior, Control, etc etc

Failure in the A-Main while leading... That was not a good day in F1.

Ahh the memories.

I've been rc car crazy for a while.


  1. Sweet. Do you have anything left from those cars?
    I realised, that at that time in Russia we only had plastic tanks with a wire-attached remote

  2. Those old school F1's are so cool. I can't imagine how RC must have been back then, I'd assume run times were very short.

  3. No different with only 8minute races
    Batteries were 1200mah nicad
    But I'd rather have 6800 these days


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