Monday, November 12, 2012

RE-Xtreme RE-DP-SSG OD 2.0 Project Start

Check out my new chassis! Pretty awesome isn't it!

I have a heap of photos of all the parts I have for this chassis, but without unlimited broadband at the moment, I'm keeping posts short.

Overdose gearboxes, TN Racing main shafts and yokomo cups, 2.0x FCD with alloy cups, front one way with team suzuki 55 degree driveshafts,  

New Yokomo front castor plate with new steering block and wiper design. Team suzuki alloy suspension arms (polished). Aluminium lower suspension mounts. Team Bomber bumper plate. 

I'm just test fitting everything at the moment until more of my RC stuff arrives from Japan. So this is as far as I can go until my spares arrive.

I have a couple of things to sort out with the steering and battery solution, but it's looking good for an refreshed chassis.

I'm using my second set of silver shocks from my DRB but I may also use the adjustable end plates.

ESC will be Blue Tachyon, with Silver Luxon KG 7.5 and Sanwa SRG-BL Servo

Fun to Come.


  1. Realy cool new project, Overdose parts, etc. .. and SSG carbon are truly magnificient !


  2. looks amazing russ. glad i could help you out with a near mint chassis plate. even if the rest of the car was trashed. the original owner of that car is a bastard for letting it go as much as he did!

  3. I'm using a lot more than you think.

    one-way, FCD gears, suspesnion pins, some steering parts

    It needs a couple of bearings and some small parts to be replaced.

    But the imadoki chassis alone is still much more than this.

    I think it will be better too. It's very stiff, that's how I like the chassis.

  4. I trade my Xray T3 for one SSG. It was likely same quality than yours at the start. How is your chassis plate at under. Mine is full of scratches Now i have buyed Team Suzuki steering and and suspension arms. What did you think original SSG or imadoki is better?


  5. I think imadoki is more flexible
    Depends how you like to setup the chassis

    But new steering on the imadoki is definitely better
    I'll have to make a custom steering servo mount for this
    The belcrank has been eliminated

  6. The first picture reminds me of my old SSG Special. I wish I still had it, it did very well for that time :)


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