Thursday, November 22, 2012

S14 Slide Surface

Tiles? Since I left Japan I haven't had a good surface to drift on, So I've been playing around the house.
These tiles are pretty good!  Slow and realistic angle, It's just the decor that is not.

 I also have a single garage, but the concrete is a bit grippy with my current tyre selection.

I guess, I'll eventually settle down and hook up with some guys, but for now I'm just the lonely drifter.

 I live on a hill so even the street is off limits at the moment.

But the small areas I have, I'm rippin it up.


  1. Russ, it's so sad to see you lonely in your garage with nothing to write about.
    You are like a fallen titan :-)

  2. That's very sad. You're like a lonely Cowboy: You're driftin' through a big nothing.
    I hope you find a better place to stay...

  3. Just temporary
    I'm yet to relocate fully and 1/2 of my stuff is in transit anyway
    I'll get there.

  4. I have noone else to drift with either. I know the pain


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