Friday, November 30, 2012

Pandora JDM Fd3s Missile

Pandora Fd3s JDM Missile in the build.

 Beautiful Aussie sunny day, perfect for painting a body.

First step was already done with a lot of masking done by my friend. He had unfortunately not washed the body though, so paint was a bit non-stick.

But we press on. I knew this would be a quick paint and that it was destined for a rough introduction, so limited care was taken with masking and prep.

The pre-masked theme is one I decided to continue. It was designed as a team car.

I decided to finish it in Tamiya Cobalt Grey with Tamiya Flat Clear on the outside.
I kept the bumpers in gloss and used the matt clear on the plastic look lip spoiler and under finisher like a real unfinished 99 model year upgrade.

I may later add a carbon bonnet as I don't need body post holes either. But for now it's coming along.

Disregard any bad masking. It's rough.

Eventually there may be some realistic or unrealistic parts under the front. A blue oil cooler and I'm thinking the theme should be an NA Fd3s Just like the turbos had blown. I may add some weathering. 

Wheels will be mikuni AVS in pink maybe. Stay tuned.


  1. only 190mm. I'll need tiny spacers for my deep rims.

  2. what rims installed?


    Speed Way Pal
    Slide Master 37R Mekki(Chrome)
    スライドマスター37R-Rim メッキ/ブラックチタン
      PA094-10BM (メッキ オフセット 10mm)

  4. Tnx, by any chance do you know the paint body color of this:
    I got this body but there was no indication of the color which is unusual..


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