Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RE-Xtreme RE-DP-SSG OD 2.0 Update

SSG Upgrade continues. I made a custom carbon servo mount as the first job.
Update.... (Servo Mount)

Here is the custom carbon plate for mounting the servo. It is held by a central bolt and nut and then a second hole for a long screw into the plastic servo mount. the out board servo mount is counter sunk.

some small trimming of the battery retainer and the carbon plate was required.

The underside of my SSG is already war born. I am ready to thrash this on the asphalt, that's for sure.

I also ended up hanging the steering posts from the top deck. This was basically the facilitate the servo position swap from longitudinal to horizontal. As usiual everything was in the wrong position. If this is not strong enough, I still have the full length steering posts that only need a spacer to get the same effect.

The white and blue team bomber turnbuckles "turned out" a little better I think.

But I don't know. Maybe the black plastic tub would be just as effective. It all gets covered up anyway. This FC allows a sneak peek.

Ahhh finally a garage where I don't have to work on the floor. The space and tools I have on hand are fantastic. A far cry from the struggle for space I had in Japan.

Some things you take for granted.


  1. I'd think the satisfaction when removing the body to reveal this chassis will be far greater than a tub chassis lol. The car just looks amazing, and love how you can see the OD gearbox through the hood vent! :D

  2. $$$$$$... I don't know.

    Somtimes the surprise of amazing performance from a near stocker has the same effect.

    Maybe next one will be stock. haha.


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