Monday, November 5, 2012

Hidari Maru S14 - RE-Xtreme Ver.

 This is the current state of the Hidari Maru S14.

2 x PS cans in Australia = $22

The car was sitting low here, but I'ts because the mount is not set yet.

I'm adding this URAS lip to match the side skirts.

Colour is a good match.

And it will mount up well.

I'm going to have fun with this on my new chassis.

More to come after the shoe goo sets.

So the front is really low, and needs a final trim, but bringing the rear down will also help clearance.

This is sitting on the painted floor of a garage.Unfortunately not enough space for a real workout, though.

Yokomo S14
Yokomo light buckets
Yokomo wipers
Yokomo rear diffuser
Admiration Rocket Bunny front bumper
Uras BN Sports front bumper spoiler
Uras BN Sports front fender with mesh
Uras BN Sports side steps
Uras BN Sports rear drag wing
Uras BN Sports rear fender
Rear shark antenna and rear window visor
Blade racing tow hook.
Wrap Up Next carbon bonnet and trunk.
Wrap Up Next bonnet pin sticker
Tech Racing Dash
Guild n One? Aluminium roll cage.
Yokomo active light kit
tech racing led rear muffler
Full gauze re-inforcement 

Colour Tamiya PS 15 Metallic Red and PS 5 black


Now for the bright Australian sunshine.

The body is working well. I'm not on the desired surface with my chosen tyre right now, but it looks awesome on full slide.

The big bumper is currently sweeping small pebbles from the car's path.

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  1. I've always admired that cage, now with the closeup shots of the body... just wow! The way it's mounted is so trick.

    Could you possible take some pics of the inside of the shell in the future? I'd love to see more of the craftsmanship, it's great.


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