Thursday, November 15, 2012

The JoXeR!

The Enroute JXR is a nice chassis with proven driving ability and proven bling-ability.

Pierre's example is beautifully upgraded with full alloy options. Shiny is an understatement.

Recently there have been a bunch of versions, red, gold and silver and there are also chassis reinforcements for the front motor mount (like RC-Art) and front bumper upper and lower alloy supports.

The result is a premium chassis for less than you may expect.

But as always, you can continue. I'm beginning to see the start of a full conversion with Active racing and some overdose accessories.

Very Nice work

If you have a anything you'd like to share, send me some pics via the contact page.


  1. That is so cool. It became just like ARD but with a lot more steering angle.

  2. I have been tossing up which new chassis to get and its between this and an RC ART

  3. Jxrv2 is cool
    New high traction chassis is out also along with 8 dress up and functional parts
    Overdose and other makers also supporting the jxr

    Both are good choices

  4. Do you have much experience with the rc art chassis ? opinion on them?

  5. Ce-Rx is very good


    All chassis can perform the same if setup is good
    But white wolf I easy to setup and maintain

    All in all a great balance chassis

    If you run a ball diff up front they are docile as can be also.

    1. Thanks,I'll be in japan around the time they are re releasing them next year so i think im going to pick one up. Recommendation on a shop in tokyo area? will be traveling around a bit


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