Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RE-Xtreme RE-DP-SSG OD 2.0 Update

Today, I did a little work on the Drift Package.

My first tough choice was the colour for the suspension arms and steering links.

What is your choice? I've gone for white and titanium, but I may change the main links for blue. I'll try a few versions.

Check my Speel Way Pal turnbuckle wrench... cool! Some things just make jobs easier.

Second choice was shocks. These are front and rear. I have some Kazama independent height adjustment tops that I'm adding to these. I'll test these a bit before settling on final spec. I also have some mounts to lower the shock position for even more travel, but I'll wait to test them later.

So the front end has started to come together. I have a few missing pieces, but I'll get there.

Team bomber front bumper plate and Street Jam bumper need some new posts. Somehow my extra Yokomo ones are misplaced.

Also need the odd bearing or two.

I cleaned up the chassis and replaced all the screws for hex nuts. Some still need updating.

I also dremelled out a bit of meat from the graphite. I can run a bigger spur on this now. I'd forgotten how painful shaft drive chassis maintenance can be.

But the performance is a different story. This is going to be a fun machine for sure.

Job List

Rear Sus (waiting on part)

Steering linkage.
Steering support spacers.
Steering servo mount.

Motor install
ESC install




  1. Personally I would've picked the blue-black combo for the links, to add a bit of contrast to all the silver-ness in the chassis. Its starting to look damn good anyhow!

    I'd like to hear your opinion on the Kazama tops. I've had them on my DRB but didn't like it and sold them on.

    Does the SWP wrench work on the Yokomo DRB turnbuckels? I'd like to get me one of those aswell. I love SWP parts.

  2. yeah the reason I have the Kazama tops is that they didn't really fit on the DRB either.

    Team Bomber drift package blue turnbuckles are ones I bought years ago. They aren't really short enough for big camber. but I'll make up two versions anyway. They come with a blue wrench with a soft plastic centre so as not to damage them, but it has worn out quickly.

    The DP chassis I thought had shorter suspension, but the SSG has quite a lot of travel. It really has a different setup. the suspension travel seems a lot greater than the DRB. I also have a lowering mount for the team suzuki lower arms that brings the lower suspension position down further, so I have a good deal of ajustability.

    The ability to get it just right should be good.

    SWP wrench is 4.0 for Yokomo (lunsford) turnbuckles
    and 3.5 for another setting.

    It's just a wrench, but it's cool.


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