Monday, November 26, 2012

JDM - Omiyage Projects

There is a tradition in Japan of gift giving. "Omiyage" is a special thing most foreigners don't really understand, But it is something I have come to appreciate.

With the last of my boxes arriving from Japan today. I got the gift giving and receiving feeling again. Whether it's just a sticker swap or a full sticker set, a body, a steering knuckle or more. The gifts I have received are truly treasured.

These will receive a bit of focus in the coming weeks. I have the Pink Mikuni AVS rims and some more Dorizaru stickers to be applied to the Blue FC.

and then I can move onto the Pandora FD3s Pre-release prototype I received. It is pre-masked and ready for some JDM flavour. Hinomaru flag is already masked on the bonnet. Matt grey black and red a MAX ONE tribal logo will adorn this beauty.

Being a pre-release body there are a few imperfections that will be sorted in due course, but I look forward to finishing these and my new chassis in time for my own Xmas.

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