Sunday, September 15, 2013

Amuse S2000 Debut (unfinished.)

When I bought this body, I had no real plan in mind,but it's turned out very very nice.

Whenever I think S2000, I do think about Mugen, Spoon & J's Racing, but I love "Powerhouse Amuse"! Their touge monsters take under 300hp and carve up much more powerful rivals with ease.

So I tried to replicate the imagery that I have from driving one in Japan. Screaming 9000 RPM + Vtec, top down and on the limit.  That tiny rear wing adds to the length of the body.

I had some old Yokomo carbon look sticker that actually worked pretty well on the hood and trunk. the hood receiving the trademark lump required as the air intake snakes over the front body panel.

While these rims are not forged, green TE37s or Gold SSR Type C, the Rays Gram Lights 57D suit it to a T. With Wild Will on board this body received a LOT of compliments today at two venues. I was really surprised.

High Spur chassis owners need not apply.

now I just have to finish it. Lights and interior to come.

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