Sunday, September 8, 2013

State of play... in Japan

Well, in the last few months there has been a shift in the Japanese scene. Carpet to Concrete or Tile.

Since R31 house has opened its awesome street look concrete track and the success of the Nagoya events, a few tracks have closed or re-modelled away from carpet. Chance and Vertex among the names.

But there are still more than a few that are embracing the carpet feel. But in the search for more realism the scene has become slower and the use of tile is even on the cards.

I love my carpet tracks as they are clean, quiet and provide a pretty slow surface, but enough grip to be fast if you want. but I am also liking the new polished concrete surfaces as you can get the bodies even lower and slides are super long into corners.

So here is an overview of the Tokyo scene at the moment.

Yatabe Arena - Smooth Asphalt  & Carpet
Speed Way Pal - Asphalt - R2 Yokomo
Kazama Kasukabe - Ashphalt
Kazama Moriya
Waru Yokohama - Carpet & Asphalt
Full Cross - Concrete 

Chance Carpet -> SHIFT -Tile
Vertex -> Renewal - Carpet Painted Concrete!
Circuit DR. -> Renewal - Carpet Painted Concrete!

Neo - Carpet - NEW!
Seed - Carpet Seed
Secret Base - Carpet
Tam Tam Chiba - Carpet
Donkihote Nerima - Carpet
Hobby Garage - Carpet
Oahu - Carpet
Noah - Carpet

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