Sunday, September 1, 2013

GCRC Raceway Familiarity

I had an awesome afternoon down at GCRC Raceway.

While I was waiting for a battery to charge, I took a few photos as Jade's R31 was blasting around. 

I tried to capture a bit of speed in these shots.

We were joined by a C33 and got a bit of close up action.

You can see this body has been used. This chassis runs 3.0x and then some. 

You can easily see the different rotation speeds in these images.

Very cool!

I was just playing with the camera.

All this dust is from a previous excursion to Rippit. This is something you don't get at GCRC. 

All you get is beautiful reflections on the concrete. Make sure you install lights before you come. It really adds to the feel.

The bad parts about tetsujin curbs. Getting stuck. Personally I think 2mm would be high enough. Scratching you chassis is an issue, but you can sometimes pull off that Initial D style Takumi Turn if you get one wheel inside.

I love these shots that show speed.

If you get things in the right spot with a low shutter speed. It's all good.

I am getting to used to the concrete. I had previously run on carpet mainly, but the long handbrake entries and smoothness of slide is pretty cool.

and those reflections. yummy.

Of course I was using the FC. D1 vs Big power street cars was todays theme.

Someone told be the other night that my Wild willy's head was still moving, But I had disconnected the servo ages ago.

But at the moment, it moves from side to side. (it is still installed on the original bearing.) The weight transfer of the car is enough to get him looking the right way. limited of course so it doesn't swing to the rear.

very cool! 

Only problem today... I didn't start early enough.


  1. I'll never get sick of seeing that Pan Speed FC! Good to see you've found a track to hit up again.

  2. Yes, the FC is very cool. I love it too. I couldn't bare to let it go.

    There were no tracks here until a few weeks ago.
    Now there are 2 new tracks with rumors of a third and fourth.
    I hope they can survive.

    This place is all MST, so expect some new rims ... many.


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