Sunday, September 8, 2013

GCRC Sunday Session

 wos wong? wos wong?

this is what is wrong. I like a lot of brake in my DRb so my belts don't last a long time. Even this RC926 4mm item is not strong enough for my abuse. haha. This is regular maintenance.

I have a spare but rather than waste time changing it out.

I fired up the Drift Package. Boom! I love the shaft! But it's not really meant for tight tracks.

And I did a little testing....

Verdict... all these tyres are the same. HDPE Kazama Premium, HDPE RC926, HDPE RCArt Derive, HDPE Topline Moon.

Hard Street Jam (a little soft so they don't hold their shape with O-Ring installation and I've also had them split apart also.)

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