Friday, September 20, 2013

Firday is Slide day

Revised FD and DRB tonight. Big changes to performance. 

Everyone was rockin' new wheels. My car has MST rims, while the Red FD has Kazama Auto Gram Lights  57 Xtreme

Ol' school not the popular choice tonight. 

The "CLAN" was looking pretty cool!

bring it on!

My FD, is setup these days with maximum wing clearance not that the end plates are trimmed, I can clear fences and give myself maximum track position with the Pandora FD.

It is mounted a tad low tonight, but +8 rims give a lot of tuck on these bodies. My DRB has now inherited Team Suzuki lower alloy arms which has really tightened up the "wobbly" front suspension and provided a little more traction, I've also been playing with front setup to get more oversteer @ 1.8x seems to be working.

Whilst swapping the suspension onto the DRB, the DIB reverts back to plastic arms for the time being. Red alloy has been ordered.

D1 Stance. rear low and front high. This chassis CS2.3x is so easy to drive, it's almost uncrashable.

If you don't want to outlay for a 275 chassis, but want more VIP size, the Yokomo Laurel is a good choice.

Ganbare Nippon! Do your Best Japan. The Olympics will be supported with insane national pride. The Japaneselove to Ganbaru.!

I found another use for my Speed Way pal turnbuckle wrench.


  1. I love the details on these bodies!They're even stanced well!If I had to choose a favourite it would probably be a tough choice between the blue GT86 and your Rx-7. I'd love to own either of them. :)

    1. Thanks. All the guys love to run new shells.

      so they all have three or four in the build.

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