Sunday, September 29, 2013

GCRC Sunday Slide.

Silvia Sliding on Sunday!  Super Slippery Sliding Sensations!

I had the Drift Package Keyence 7.5T operating on 25% forward power.

More than ample power for the polished concrete. Rear 2.0 FCD set still adds lots of Slideways.

I had it mounted a tad high though. needs more lowness.

In any case, lots of slashing was had.

Nick was up for the tandem photos. Jade driving my Red machine.

From the first night at GCRC until now, speeds have stabilised. We are all running Top Line or RC-ARt Derive HDPE tyres and of course, grip levels are similar.

Setups are being dialled in and the driving experience has levelled up!

Jade's S14 also created some slide by slide. there will be a movie soon also.

GCRC is proving to be THE place for top level CS drift on the Gold Coast. Come Slide with us, Wed Night, Friday or Sunday is when most of us are there.

It's tight, but you can get some speed and action.

Terrible photography on my part. But hey, I was tired.

 not too bad @ 1/30 shutter speed.

 The odd shot makes it worthwhile.

 Closer and closer. Jade runs a consistent line that has everyone lining up on his rear bumper.  That still leaves him in front for photo glory!

I swapped off the red/blue rims for these white 12mm top lines on the Mark X. 

Much easier on the eyes for concentration.

Easy to see, where they are pointing. This is good tip for beginners. Get white rims!

The 275 size looks about right with the Skyline.

But... I should really cut the body lower as it should be. the front splitter always hitting those damn testsujin curves. 

"Crash King" Ridwan getting in on the action. Love your enthusiasm Rid!


My DIB is CS 2.3 with 10.5T, It doesn't need any other tuning. I can drive it any way I want. Super aggressive or super consistent. 

I did one session with the FD3s. But no action shots.

If you end up in this spot at GCRC, It's because you have turned in WAY to early. This corner has been dubbed "PicNic Corner"

Was a great day.

I wish my reflexes were 25 years younger at times.

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