Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stage FD + MST RID

Pandora FD + HPI Stage D Body Kit + MST RID Wheels...

Ever since I saw these rims, I thought, FD3s Mazda Style. Similar to those used on the RX-01 concept and later on the RX8.

 These are +8. They come with small wheel nuts so my Tamiya tool was needed again.

I'll have to run them with brake rotors as the gaping expanse on these rims requires that.

 I've also located a HPI Stage D kit, so expect a couple of crazy FD3s in the future.

 There's 3 x FD3s in the build, so the RE-Xtreme garage will expand to 5 Fd3s, 2 FC3s and the 275 bodies.

So... the EVO 3 and the HPI S2000 and a Rocket Bunny AE86 maybe for sale soon.


  1. Glad to see the RX7's back again. Still miss seeing that Tsunami Tamiya RX7 from way back.

  2. RX7's are coming.
    3 in the build over the next few months.
    Pandora FD base.
    Asamoto 2002 D1 FD3s replica

    and 2x Pandora + HPI parts.

    Theme to be decided

  3. where did you bought those wheels if i may ask ?

    1. will they ship it to the US ?
      if yes can you tell me the website cause I a little confused when I google it.
      thank you :)


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