Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mid Week Mash - GCRC

Well, I ended up trimming the wing endplates (after this picture). my extensions werent enough. now I can clear the wall.

Tony sharing the flat grey scheme.

This is a new machine but I have a better picture coming. OTAR3R, hard to manage at 3.8xCS Straight is not really possible.

My drift package was getting good use ofthe RC-ART derive S tyres Almost all are running these or TopLine HDPE at GCRC now. the speed has equalised and we actually had some 6 car trains happening.


  1. What are the RC-ART tyres im a little confused I have a few sets of them but dont know what the S ones are.What is the compound or plastic type


      sorry RC-ART Derive RT-01 SH

  2. Oh thanks the carpet ones i have a few sets but haven't tried them on anything other than carpet


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