Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Slash @ GCRC

The weather wasn't looking fantastic, so it was a last minute decision to head to GCRC.

3 hours of very close tandem with the master creator of the sticker set for my DIB was a great afternoon.

So finally, I could mount the Topline N-Model +12 rims I had painted for this body. 

The reverse side swaps rim colours, but the red fronts are easier to see.

This machine is set up very nicely now. sometimes, the change of direction will catch you, but for the most part, It's nice. Ben was on point driving while I was was shooting.

My photography wasn't really up to scratch. the warehouse has a bright side and a dark side, 

which makes everything tricky.

 In any case, GCRC is proving to be a nice little venue.

 As there were some nice shots from it all.

 GCRC dioramas can be made to look pretty good with selective shooting.

Ben... you need a driver!

 Flags are always a good item to give a feeling of speed.

 Add a few trees around the picnic corner.

 The missile was used mostly today however.

most of our tandem was done with Ben's new flat white S14 and My FD.

That's when you need a photographer. countless laps of side by side had the concentration off the chart.

The wing has to be this high to clear the fence.

Both our shells took some scars with our close driving.

 Freaking cool!

 See you at GCRC on Wednesday Night.

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