Sunday, September 29, 2013

Plans and Upgrades

With a lot of some new stuff coming I'm going to be busy.

A few upgrades were needed.


Overdose chassis and upper deck set!
New spur and New 4mm belts
Jobs to do.
Silver towers install from the DIB.

Polishing the DRB Team Suzuki Arms
Polishing the Keyence Motor End bell and TF jacket.
Swap the Silver Tachyon into the DRB from the DIB.

Red alloy suspension install.
Red alloy Battery Clamp install.
chassis wrapping in black carbon
sticker bomb the lower deck.
Install black tachyon.

Install Rear Overdose Hubs.

Drift Package Type B. (to be placed for sale)
Install One Way.
Install Blue Shaft.
Polish motor Mount,
Yokomo 10deg lower hub mount.

New Bodies.
"Asamoto" FD3s (Pandora + Active Hobby Fd3s) Metallic Orange + Enkei NT03
RE-Xtreme Fighter FD3s ( Pandora + HPI Stage D Aero.) Matt Grey + MST G25
RE-Xtreme RE-Amemiya Street FD3s (Pandora + HPI Stage D Aero ) TBD. 
RE-86 Ultimate (Tamiya + Rocket Bunny Addiction fender + custom )

Thinking about selling the Tommi Evo III

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