Monday, September 14, 2015

A Zillion Overdose Upgrades!

Are you the kind to keep things status quo or evolve with the new? I'm kind of in between.

In the past I have purchased items that create a complete and current top shelf machine upgraded and swapped parts to have the constant evolution of the latest settings.

Well this chassis was at the point where it was perfectly good enough to "play" with pretty much anyone.
and over the last 3 years I haven't felt the need to evolve this particular chassis.

Instead using my Blue and Red Overdose DRB Chassis to evolve up to 5.0xFCD and try all sorts of craziness.

Purchasing this Custom Black Guild'nOne based machine showed a few new ideas from someone else who had continued the constant evolution path, So I'm effectively skipping a generation here. 

Right now, I have 4 well sorted Full Counter 4WD drift machines that function very well. So changing out $300 worth of perfectly good overdose and team suzuki polished and anodised C-Hub front suspension is a big choice.

But the above machine works so well, I'm migrating the silver machine to be a closer match. 

Especially when the replacement is also $300 worth of Yokomo, Overdose, Zillion and Wrap up next.

Overdose Drift Package lower arm is increased to allow a 3mm shaft so it's perfect for the standard DRB.
But the main feature of any Y-Arm setup is the capability for more steering angle and lower scrub radius.

Scrub is always something that has annoyed me with +12 rims disappearing behind the wheel well. 

Not being part of the "competitive" scene allows you some time to see what has been and is still great. And pick up some second hand barely used parts that still offer more. You can also reduce the cost... unless the discontinued items are super desirable.

Building some flexibility into my chassis, Narrow Scrub radius, More steering angle etc, I have gone for items found on my already awesome Black "Ninja" chassis. Zillion knuckles offer more than enough flexibility.

I've used the yokomo V2 Upper mount, Plastic items will be replaced by WUN upper arms in the next few days. This weekend, I'll be breaking out the de-anodising methods for knuckles, one way, upper mount and other items I've neglected like a new rear spool and more.  

 So the temporary setting is back together... before a full strip, clean and rebuild.

Then the Silver Typhoon will soon be even more capable.

Then once the DRB - REW prototype is set and the final chassis layout is set... I may even be replacing the replaced.

One thing is certain... Evolution is expensive.

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