Wednesday, September 9, 2015

GCRC Mid Week Mission

Sitting Pretty.


It's a hard choice between drift machines. RE-86 Drift Master RWD or the Asamoto FD DRB. So I use both.

Very nice shot of the pig Mark II!

and some blurry shots...


Soon picking up the pace.

And ripping the laps. 

Closer and closer.

Enter the Dori-Sen Drift-Line DL-01 Prototype RWD. 

 My DRb is a good bench mark..

If it's hard to get this close with my DRB, you can be sure this bespoke chassis is on the right track. 

The Soarer hides a High Rear Mount Motor above a lateral battery Weight Shift chassis with monoshock front layout. 

Quite the effective machine.  I love hanging the Asamoto FD Wing over the wall.

Here I am just backing out for transition

But they are usually more like this one. 

Ummm. Yes... It admit was me... Sorry! Tyre testing with big Acuvance power... certainly not what we need. Goodbye slide rich polished concrete drift track. Hello super grip rubber race track. :( Definitely not a good test.

Remember you can't slide on a track made of rubber. 

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