Tuesday, September 8, 2015

GRC Testing Tuesday

 The benckmark.

Under my FD3s is a Full Overdose DRB that does nothing wrong. Its a tried and tested machine that simply works. With 2.5Cs and about 3 years of slow modifications, off the shelf upgrades were a no brainer.

Now... RWD is a bit of a different story. I cannot count the number of configurations out there...  chassis layout, battery layout, power, tyre, spring, castor, camber, ackerman, etc etc etc... So what do you do? TEST.... TEST... TEST...

but it's not only me.

Testing may not only mean the chassis (RE-R Hybrid), but also each new body shell with their different aero characters

 Each configuration will work very differently.

If your new body is pretty, maybe you will test your nerves.

While the body setting is completed and match to the chassis. (FR-D).

Everything under control... you can start the battle.

And admire your work.

Then test out your driver skill. Just getting everything right.

So eventually everything is working together.

 You can start to have some fun...

Is that 2 bunnines or 3. 

Men and their toys...

 uh hmmm.

The end...

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