Tuesday, September 29, 2015

RE-Xtreme RC DRB-REW Prototype #001 - Twin Config

Starting to install my test setup. Specifically designed for Twin Servo.

Setting up the front end without the central ackerman control bar or turnbuckle is less restrictive for setup with the M12S or Futaba 4PX in their dedicated twin model modes.

Resistance is also much lower with lower torque required for steering movement.

Steering servo can be mounted further inward by reversing the servo mount. with perfect fitment for low profile servo. But as I will be mounting the ESC between the servos, I am keeping them in the relatively normal locations widely spaced for weight shift.

Determining the exact height of the battery tray and getting the battery plate lined up for flush mounting.

Production model will include some slightly different details. 

You will notice the small decoration pieces on top of the stabiliser mount. Similar design for those without this item to add rigidity. I use the one the front without the stabi mount for rigidity.

Ample ground clearance and shock travel with low shock tower for weight shift.

Drift Package Diffuser mount also available fro common RWD ReAR battery setups.

Drift Package TypeC suspension positions and lower holes for 55~60mm shock and upper holes for 60~65mm

Battery mount available through bulkhead for position right above the rear wheels. Strap mounting is simple but effective. Black bands to be sourced.

Due to the reverse location of the motor, I'm running this belt conversion. Sakura Pulley is sightly modified for fitment. MSt 11T is sleeved for accuracy. This will be replaced by a 9T shortly.

Rear pulley is 13-40 using the standard size front belt. I will also be using a custom 9T here with the rer DRB tensioner.

it's all coming together.

Just need to fire up the ESC after changing the wire length... then it's test time.

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