Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weekly Lashing

Rocket Bunny Triple mash up. Get your Candy.

Battle ready is an understatement. Battle chompin' at the bit. 

P!PES FD3s on Bianca VS RE-Xtreme 86 on Drift PackageWeight Shift Drift Master 

And vice versa.

S13 on FXX certainly pushing hard.

Overdose equipped. DP Suspension Mounts and Adjustable rear mount equipped. I actually have one side of the Overdose rear mount set 0.5 degrees more than the other to dial out any imbalance.

The result is big angle on the drift line.

Hunting the missile! D1 vs Street.

Angle ... or speed.

I think we all made it around. 

Take the wide line and someone might go the inside... I think this was the result of a drag race from the previous corner.

Synchro Drift.  I'll have get my White FD on the chassis.

Yokomo Street FC3s is a good shape.

Tamiya FD3s looking narrow. A little wheel poke isn't at all bad.

Big thanks to the 2nd cameraman.

Some great videos on the facebook page too.

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