Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GCRC Mid Week Metal

Finally got the rear wing the right colour on the Asamoto 2003 D1GP RX7.

Now totally visible hanging over the fence!

GCRC Battle on!

Getting it in the monster Zone

Twos and threes and fours.

Sometimes, it's worth a zoom in.

Before the next perfect lap.

There was a lot happening.

Some side by side by Side.

Cheers to the guys on the camera's tonight.

GCRC still has that awesome feel.

When everyone is cruising... things look great.

Having colour in shot makes all the difference for size and depth comparison.

Got Prox!

And Prox Revenge

Got train. Got equal spacing.

1,2,3 Switch....

Carry Speed..

Or carry angle... Which is correct... Both!

Battle Sandwich.

Are you hungry... get to GCRC... Countdown to the 24hr Matsuri..

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