Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sanwa MT-4S 40th Anniversary Edition 4-Sale

Sanwa Denshi - MT-4S 40th Anniversary Digital Proportional Radio Control System.

For Sale...

Lightweight and awesome.

Limited Edition.
Unmarked Gloss Piano Black.
LED Backlight.
High Speed Response same as the original M12.

Set Includes...

1 x MT-4S 40th Anniversary Transmitter
1 x MT-4S 40th Anniversary Transmitter Carry Bag

1 x RX-471 - Single Receiver included only.
1 x Dry Cell Switch Harness

Original MT-4 black chrome wheel design with alloy rim for great feeling.
Yeah Racing Hex Wheel System included.

(NOTE: original 40th Edition wheel is not included as IMO it was not heavy enough for fast return feeling.)

Dry Battery compartment only.

Piano Black sets this one apart.

2 grips included and all the normal MT4S Features like adjustable tension, grip / trigger positions etc.

Stickers will be removed.

Price and availability. Click here.

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