Thursday, September 17, 2015

Village Square

Welcome to the Village Square...

A small private track that's still awesome fun!

Full D1 Spec may seem like overkill on the small layout, but I was using very hard GA26 tyres on the RWD. Speed is not high at all. 

Think of it like Odaiba D1 rather than Suzuka D1.

Raised front end and wheels outside the body works well on my Degrading 4 rotor RE-86.

A short visit from the PIG. The results were some awesome videos.

Some awesome stuff caught on film... right here ......>>>>>>> CLICK

Before some electrical gremlins, it was fun fighting with the Pig and the other guys.

Some close battles.

With the cars close and speeds low, you can really judge distance within the mm.

 Just like this.

and this...

And this...

Everything is tight...! But the emphasis is on fun.

If you are lucky to get the invitation... you will enjoy some good times.

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