Sunday, September 13, 2015

Forward = Back

Hanging out the with the bunny.

I loaned the 86 to a friend for some shots.   The Drift Package based machine is really getting out there these days. Unfortuately, Even with the 100000 Drift package products out there, I still needed to make my own parts for this chassis.

Sometimes the after market is just that... AFTER.

Big angle is no problem with "Just' the right amount of power and "Just" the right amount of Piloting 

The more I drive this thing, The more I learn about it's potential.  And that means it can only get better and better.

I struggled for a while today...When these RWD machines aren't "just right" you are chasing minute changes in setting.

I couldn't explain, why the changes I was making to tune, weren't effecting balance... but eventually found a loose screw on my slide rack. What a relief.

The small things cause the biggest issues.

Over the last few days I've used Full Counter 4WD settings and RWD settings on my cars but latter is winning me over. 

It's giving me the most... "reality", if there is such a thing in a miniature hobby.

So stay tuned...I have a few projects to share in the coming weeks.

Geometry and config setting on this machine for a new direction with an existing chassis. And of course the DRB REW is prototyping now.

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