Saturday, April 2, 2016

DRB-REW Samurai Spec Build

Time to start my final DRB-REW build will Samurai Armour.

Every DRB-REW needs a donor. Long discontinued, the conversion set prolongs the life of the DRB and brings it into the RWD stage at the highest level.   This Second-hand donor was one of the original Black Bridge /  Red Alloy versions.

The CSG Carbon Surface Graphite twill chassis plate offers that little extra over the normal carbon style. Thick twill for impact adds a marginal thickness over the SSG Silver Surface Graphite. 

Depending on your Donor Chassis, You will need some extras. My additional parts chosen for this build are WUN VX front knuckles. I have recently sourced a Keyence Motor and a few other parts in preparation.

My purchased donor was already set for RWD, with some Overdose and Yokomo V2 parts.

Venom  Belt Drive allows normal motor direction.

The chassis spacers on the REW can be chosen as 2.5 or 5.0mm in various config. User choice is the Key to the Rear Evolution Weightshift depending on the grip level and smoothness of surface. 

 Basic assembly started. If you've been playing with your DRB in CS mode, construction is very similar to Yokomo.

Included longer screws replace the short screws of the normal DRB. the extra length required for chassis spacers. Carbon spacers for battery mount.

 Pretty soon, it starts to look like a Reversed High Traction DRB. I'm testing V2 and overdose uppers and V1 / WUN on this machine.

I didn't have a spare red diff. So I went with a temporary blue one for now. Using CS gears in the rear creates a rear wheel speed that's too fast for my course.

Almost ready for blast off. Central balance point for the battery. Easiest way to change pulleys with a non-overdose pulley mount is by removing the right side pulley mount. Removing all existing belt tensioner pulleys creates a clean chassis. 

 Venom 11-41 belt drive and 13-40 rear belt on this machine for 13.5T motor. Wide rear end for extra track and long stroke

Just need to tidy up the front end ackerman and links before electronics.

Twill Carbon camoflauge.

The Samurai will soon enter battle.

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  1. i noticed a few things which im extremely INTRIGUED about. One is the use of the Venom belt kit, im confused of its benefit aside from durability since venoms kit is only a 11/41 combination.. how will you adjust fdr ??? Also the battery position u guys are using is very unique, can you explain why there and not the traditional behind the rear dampers ?? Thank you in advance...


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