Sunday, April 3, 2016

FULL TIME Rear Wheel Drive!

RE-Xtreme RC Checkpoint.

It's a good time to take stock of projects and directions.

3 of these will remain in my stable. The DRB-REW is proving an effective machine and is flexible enough to keep me busy trying things ... for a long time but I don't need 4.

RE-Xtreme Spec as always is Typhoon Silver, Samurai Red, Tsunami Blue. Ninja Black (3rd chassis) is a client build.

It took a year or two for the mainstream and myself to accept the gyro and the original FR-D conversions and FXX-D were based more around scale FR layout than ultimate performance, so the uptake of RWD was a bit hindered by trying to be somewhat too scale.  In a way they restricted themselves.

MST was really the driver of the RWD community outside Japan and pushed to new areas and others jumped on board..

Tamiya and HPI are still nowhere to be seen and probably wont even bother as their market is fool proof entry level 50:50 and will never change but that's ok.

Yokomo has been a little late to the RWD party but they have a solid approach. 

As everyone in Japan has a dori-pake, their Drift Package conversion ( basically a set of long wipers, knuckles , Lower Y arm and a gyro) is all you need to convert a DP to an effective RWD machine.

My RF Concept is just as effective in RWD config. I used MST front end and some leftover REW wiper extensions for front end lock.

The DP wipers were so effective, I made sure they were able to be used on my own DRB REW conversions.

An effective RWD is something most can slap together these days. Just like Counter-Steer, you still need those "Right" components to make it work but it doesn't have to be weight shift or rear battery etc they are just options.

In CS, we had to buy a one way bearing, upgraded front drive shafts, knuckles, and many usable CS pulleys and belts ratios to tune to your Circuit. 

So RWD is not really that different in that you need to buy a few things.

Whichever way you go, you can still have fun. I'll be bringing out the GCRC Demo van next time. Rear wheel Drive RF Concept Drift Package with engine sound and loads of extras.

Enjoy your RC.

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