Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GCRC - 2 is day #Part2 In search of "THE LAP"

Q: How much practice does it take? 

A: Lots!

First steps to drift perfection include a lot of laps and getting a good setting.

I've been using this particular DRB-REW chassis a lot recently. It has great balance and good stability. I can place it anywhere I want on the track.

Combined with this Tamiya + Demi Works RB kit, and an additional spoiler, there's a great balance with this combo. 

Whether it's mixing it up in a train, mucking around pushing ahead or finding gaps that don't exist. It's all fun. 

But it's the battle that tests your ultimate closeness and aggressive positioning.

DRIFLINE vs .RSG. I think we have done a few thousand laps together. 

Those kind of numbers allow you to know how each other drives and where the driving partner can position their car. .

For me, If I get the front wheel of my FD3s RX7 any more forward, it's not a good position. 

But getting in such a position is not easy. it all starts maybe 2 corners before. 

You have to be close at the beginning. Getting your change of direction brushing across the rear of the lead car takes timing and trust.

These laps were almost the last of the evening. There were many before that were not as close, adjusting to line and trying too hard  

But when you finally get your concentration going you can really get that synchronicity. 

Anywhere on the track.

The last and closest lap of the night started in this position. 

Followed all around the track very closely, 

Heading onto the straight, I was leaning on the S15.  

Then there was that perfect transition and large angle, high speed entry right on the wall.

...without touching or spinning in ultimate proximity.

Was it the perfect lap...?  I don't know.

But when you get some superb laps like this, you get those feelings that all the practice is worth it. 

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