Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GCRC - 2 is day #Part1

Another level @ GCRC.

Recently the group battles at GCRC are getting better and better.  

Three, four or five in a row. 


These shots again represent just a few laps in a 4 hour drift fest.

Setting the line requires a lot of concentration. "Drift Line" Chassis proudly created to do just that.

Lap after lap. Consistency is built in.

High Speed 90 Degree entries with Rear Wheel Drive. Not a problem. 

Watching some good action while your car is parked... it's torture.

OD Vacula, Wrap Up FRD, Yokomo DRB-REW, D-Like RE-R, MST RMX, Driftline DL-01 Chassis all mixing it up.

"L" plate drivers also setting some awesome lines under pressure. 

When we say pressure.. it's usually like this.

But it's pretty soon before you can return the favour.

Awesome stuff.

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