Sunday, April 17, 2016

GCRC Friday Fresh #1

Who is the Boss?

The Boss?

 Or the Boss?

These S14 shells are quite a bit smaller than a Yokomo S14. But when you get 2 together, that doesn't matter at all. 

Rocket Bunny's Miura-san has transformed the front of the S14.

The rear is still very much S14.

Complex diffuser kit and bumperless replacement takes a while to put together. 

Double Bunny Trouble.

Black and while machine still has a few stickers to be added.

Slide by

narrow front exposes those tyres.

Low and Tucked

 Braking entry... Fun Fun Fun.

Another new debut. JZX Style.

Some nice detail sup close.

rear lights looking cool!

Low Style Low Rider. Something interesting.

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