Tuesday, April 12, 2016

GCRC Tuesday Training

Another night on the crazy train!

Everyone starts out tuning and setting up

Having a bit of fun.

and getting the setup right. 

Helping others with setup and tuning a little bit more. Trying other machines

But once you get in the groove, the battles are on.

It starts with matching a speed and finding a battle partner.

Then you might pick up a 3rd.

And the 2nd twin group pulls along side. 

And pretty soon, you get some awesome action.

Tight trains with good spacing allows for those small errors. 

getting in the groove.

Because the train moves a little slower than out right battles. you pick up stragglers.

High Speed Entries. one after the other.

Then close up under around the sweeper

The odd mistake or tap puts you out of position.

But the gaps close up quickly.

You just hope you battery doesn't finish up when it's awesome lap after lap. 

last shot... I put the camera down and joined in the solid 7 and sometimes 9 car train action. but also battled for hours.

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