Friday, April 8, 2016

GCRC Friday Battles and Tests

 By the end of the evening tuning was set. Double Trouble was set to start.

I handed over the keys to my DRB-REW for a while. 

I think it took about 2 laps before "the substitute driver"....

 was right on the clips. So time for tandem.

 White machine is DRB-REW and Blue Machine is DP-Drift Master. Both Weight Shifters.

Some super tight battles for the Yokomo Customs as I snapped these shots.

These days large angle is not an issue for our RWD setups... But use it wisely.

RWD setups are pretty flexible these days, the available angle is totally dependant on how much speed you have and how you drive the car. Totally possible to drive dead straight then initiate to 90 degrees, or simply circle the track at high speed on next to no angle.

As you build speed on to a straight you wind off the lock, replicating a real car as you straighten. 

 Or wind off the angle to close up on the door. You might lose some D1 points for that though

4 hours of fun and tyre testing. Sometimes it's interesting to try new things and compare a good chassis with one that wasn't perfect.

Today's brainwave... 1mm wider track up front making a substantial difference to one of my chassis. everything dependant on everything else. Change one thing at a time. Test and replace. Build gradually.

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