Tuesday, April 19, 2016

GCRC Double Double

Recently we've been getting some serious laps in at GCRC. Building the train.

Other Times, It a bit of a battle mode. But the two tracks at GCRC offer double fun.

 I think these shots showcase some of the early action from tonight. While about 3 hours later, everyone was dialed in and those perfect laps were plentiful.

Still loving the high speed entries. 

 3 2 1 Switch

New 32 in the MIX.

MST RMX working well.

I had this L plate laying around.

So I donated it to a real beginner although having purchased a well setup machine, he was soon setting the line.

Plenty of battle action.

Youth vs Experience... errr Old Age

Swapping spots and Swapping paint. 

All part of the action.

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