Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yokomo YD2 Rear Wheel Drive

Why is the YD-2 the most significant development in RC drift?

The YD-2 represents the recognition of RWD RC Drift as a solid future direction by one of the largest RC manufacturers.

Some say Yokomo waited too long, but I think the scene only really matured in the last year. What makes a competition based RWD machine has taken some time to come to light because it wasn't competition that was driving the RWD scene.

Scale replication was the driving force for RC drift and Yokomo was fine because they were already right in the guts of it. The first RWD conversions were based on the Yokomo Drift Package MR4TC

Wrap Up Next was first with the FR-D Front Motor Rear Drive layout that replicated reality. The fact that it was based on the Yokomo Drift Package was a no brainer.

Yokomo has been heavily involved in developing the RC Drift Scene with it's close ties with D1 Grand Prix Drift in Japan.

Last year Yokomo released the Conversion set for the doripake and now they have refreshed their lineup for 2016.

Within 2 years the Drift Scene has transformed to RWD, settings are now predictable and parts are readily available.

So let's see how this one takes off. It's not super simple in the gearbox, but seems to incoporate the 2 invaluable components that a rwd requires. High angle front steering and good weight balance.

Bring on the YD-2 


  1. would you know when they are planning on releasing this kit?

  2. Anymore information on the "traction optimising" gearbox?


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