Thursday, April 28, 2016

DRB-REW Setup Options

RE-Xtreme RC .RSG. DRB-REW Battle Set.

Developing the DRB-REW with so much flexibility in the chassis means you you could try some thing new every week in the year and still have numerous options.

Ive tried a lot of setups on these and while some are still works in progress, others are performing well.

Samurai Red/CSG.  Ninja Black/CSG WIP, Tsunami Blue/SSG , Tyhpoon Silver/CSG

Typhoon Silver prototype machine is still using modified CS parts that are currently being modifed for more effective RWD use. but 90% there. Gear driven motor to rear end with ball diff.

Front mount inverted servo has adjustable Wrap Up Next servo horn and a tapped and died wiper on the left side.   

compact and effective. gear drive rear end with ball diff and  I've also applied a trailing link rear end to this beast for more testing. Blue cars share normal longer stroke DRB size shocks and shorter Drift Package front shocks

The most robust setting so far is this machine. Rear trailing link rear end is proving very nice with chassis roll and Wrap up next type C front end.   Venom Belt drive for smoothness. Effective weight balance with the long battery is good but also equally effective is the short lipo moved forward in the larger battery tray.

My new Samurai spec machine is Venom belt drive with under driven spool. another variation. front end is using modified Yokomo V2 upper mount and Overdose A-Arm. A little more castor on this one. Just need to swap the ESC and Receiver before run time.

Test Test Test

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