Sunday, July 17, 2016

Aero - Seven + Fourteen

 Time to turn the key on the S14 once more.

Wide-body action returns.

Iishida-san's S14 roills out once more. This time, 9 OFF up front and 14 OFF in the rear. 

Yokomo bodies are always on the larger side. Add an Uras widebody and they get wide too. Can't wait to add some more J-Style to this one. 

Now when taking some shots it reminded me that I wanted to highlight some aero explanations.

The car companies have you believe that a cosmetic diffusser is the most amazing thing in the world. Which is far from true.

Typically the design on a road car does nothing. But a late model Ferrari can serve a s a good example.

This one will typically just lessen the "Drag" hence the addition of the Uras Drag wing for higher top speed.
In drift, this should relate to a more "slidey" rear end.

The reduction in drag comes from the thinner cross section of air behind the car reducing pressure.

The splitter aids to act on the front and breaks the boundary where the static air hits a moving car. Remember it's not the air moving . It's the car moving through the air which acts more like water, hence the term fluid dynamics.

Bernoulli's principle states that things move faster under less pressure and the drag wing does just that.

For race cars, we consider both down force and drag.... If you've ever read a book on race car CG fluid dynamics you would know that the rear of a normal FD RX7 creates very little down-force, but this particular FD3s is pretty effective at creating significant down-force.

Basically the rear of this car is designed to force as much air upward in the most concentrated area.

The three "wings" work together to create one larger effect. The diffuser in this case helps feed the other wings creating the downforce we know.

The central Rocket Bunny duck tail is removable and without this central vane feeding the upper wing, the downforce and subsequent grip is substantially reduced as the separation between surfaces is too large.

You see D1 machines with and without wings. They definitely change the behaviour. So next time you think you have too much or not enough grip, these are yet another variable in your setting window.


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