Wednesday, July 13, 2016

RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Settings - Angles

What angles do we need? Everyone has their own preference. Even me, three DRB-REW chassis and they are all similarly different.

FLAT at Desired Angle. That's what I like.


The silver chassis uses modified lower Y-Arm and Wrap Up next VX Knuckles.  NO KPI on this one.

When my chassis is at drift angle, I like the ZERO degree front wheel for lots of control.

Camber 11.

Castor 11.


Lots of Yokomo here. Drift Package 7 degree knuckles with Yokomo DRB Y arm. Front Shock is Drift Package Short Shock.

Target angle on this chassis is a little higher that the others. I like that this one can get way out there. 

So this is where the Zero is set. 

But is doesn't start there. 10 degrees Camber. I like to angle the tyres under my RC bodies in this way.
Definitely a style choice.

9 degrees Castor is fairly realistic with 7 degrees KPI helps the wheel lay over for less chassis lift.


This chassis is set for a little less raw angle

Wrap Up next style. This time with some KPI. No Trail. (yet)

When angle cranks up on this chassis, I've built in some serious "posi-can"  

Many real cars with basic modified drift geometry get this look. They end up hammering the edge of the tyre as the sidewall gets mashed. In RC we can use an angled tyre to overcome this.

Looking at the wear on the trye, you can see the entire curved face is used.

12 Degrees Castor is a good starting point.

Camber is only 7 degrees on this machine.

One of the main things regarding my setups is that they still use a large scrub radius. I rarely run rims under 9 Offset. I just like the deep dish. Sure I could run less offset and push the knuckle wider 5mm.

So whether you like the style, looks or ultimate speed and performance. Whether you like bigger angles or shallower higher speed you'll need to learn to fine tune.

I am still coming to grips with the million combinations in a RC chassis. Finding the right combo (that you like) is ultimately test, trial and error. Having 2 chassis that are similar can reduce your development time, but once you know where you are heading, the settings are ultimately similar.

Enjoy your RC

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